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Goddess Kiffa and mistress Lana are adventurous mistresses and they love to do all kinds of things together. And today they chose to try naughty foot fetish. Being hot and both of them having sexy feet, they rubbing their feet together and made it look like their feet were kissing and having sex. They ended up being turned on as they did so and being naughty and adventurous, they had sex.

Mistress Alexis did not expose her body to turn this guy on. She did not even say anything. All she did was to play with her feet and do it in slow motion and in a sensuous way. What assisted her was the facial expressions she made as she put on a foot show for him and he got so turned on that he wanted her but she made him jerk off.

Madame Svea wanted to dominate this guy because she did not like him and she did so today with her bare feet. She turned him her foot rug and she had him lie on the grass. She then trampled him and had him lick her dirty feet as she had used them to walk outdoors and especially on the grass. He was scared of her so he did what she asked.

Lady Anja had never had a foot fuck before and since she was in a naughty mood and she had the time, she wanted to get that experience. So she had some dirty and naughty chat with one of the guys in her DM and she invited him to her house where she got him to fuck her soft and sexy feet. It was good for her but it was even better for him.

Goddess Mia loves to take advantage of her beauty and sexiness. She knows that she can do a lot of things and get away with them just because she is sexy and that is what she did today. The mistress trampled this guy using dirty feet but because she did it in a sexy manner, he thought she was not messing around with him and he did not get offended.

Lady Naomi wanted to dominate this guy with her feet but she knew it would not be easy and she did not want to force him. She chose to get him to cooperate with her as she did it. The mistress teased him with her hot ass and as he got horny, he became malleable to her and she made him do things she wanted such as to lick her feet.

Mistress Kira felt that she had to teach her friend about foot fetish so that they would enjoy it together. The mistress invited her friend to her house where she already had a slave waiting. The mistresses enjoyed how they turned the guy into a foot slave and degraded him. And mistress Kira was able to convert her friend to like foot fetish as well and they would now enjoy the fetish together.

Goddess Mia and her slave fell out and she wanted to punish him. She did not want to be in bad books with her slave as her slave had to learn his place and do things the way the mistress wanted. She had to teach him never to mess around and that is why she chose to make him her foot slave and also turn him into a human ashtray.

Mistress Kylie did not have a loser to dominate and she did not have anything to crush. So the mistress chose to have fun by herself. She wore her old sneakers and she had fun taking videos as she played with her feet and with her sneakers. It was not as interesting at first but as time went by, she got so into it that she spent hours doing it.

Mistress Saida hates laziness and that is why she was on this employee's neck. The mistress was not impressed by the guy as he had a poor work ethic and as a result, did not contribute much other than being fun to look at and also being the person that she took out her stress on. But it worked for the both of them until the slave felt that it had become too much.

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