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Mistress Elena wanted to find out whether this guy was good at licking feet. She wanted to know whether he was so that she could get him to be licking and rubbing her feet. That is because he had said he had a fetish for sexy feet and she figured it was going to be something mutual for both of them. And she was right as he turned out to be good and they both enjoyed it.

Mistress Duquette wanted to smother this guy and she felt that the best way was to do it with her feet. That is why she got him to lie down on the sofa and she sat next to him and had him lick her feet. When he was done licking her feet, the mistress then used her feet to trample and smother him. It was a cruel punishment for him but he learned his lesson.

Princess Serena wanted this slave to learn a lesson and that is why she humiliated him. Even with the punishment, she was sort of giving him a second chance and that is why she chose to use a method that was not going to make him feel pain. It was to humiliate him and in so doing, send a message to him that things will not be the same again.

Mistress Alisha had done wonders to this guy with her feet. She wanted to show him how naughty and crazy she was. So she got him to fuck her feet. Or rather she fucked him with her feet. Being soft and sexy, it was not hard for him to get turned on. And as she lubed them before he fucked them, it felt so soft and he loved everything that she did for him.

Mistress Hannah wanted to send a warning to this loser and she did so using her foot fetish. She told him all she could do with her feet and she made him feel scared of her and what she was capable of doing to him. He did not want to piss her off because he was scared of what she was capable of. They never had a problem from then on.

Mistress Madison felt that this slave needed to be punished and cruelly taught a lesson. And she wanted to have fun doing it. So the mistress went ahead and she used her feet to dominate the loser. The mistress took off her shoes and she got the loser to lick her socks first before moving on to her shoes. That worked and it helped her to humiliate but also tame the slave.

Mistress Victoria wanted to dominate this lady as she had been rude to her and she had also been condescending to her. So the mistress felt like she could use her feet to dominate her and she did it cruelly using dirty as well as stinky feet. She forced her to lick her feet as well as suck her toes. She found it hard to do but she knew it was not optional.

Mistress Isabella had tried to use her foot fetish to punish this loser. But she felt it was not enough and she had to find a worse punishment for him. The mistress stripped him naked and she got him to lick her feet as she whipped him in the butt. She also pulled his nipples and made him feel a lot of pain. It was cruel but she felt he needed that punishment.

Mistress Leehanna did not want her boyfriend to get used to disappointing her. She wanted him to learn that it was not ok and that she would not hesitate to punish him if he did it. The mistress went ahead and ordered him to lick her feet which she had conveniently made smelly. She told him that was the easiest punishment she would ever give him and if he did not want a worse punishment, he should do as she said.

Mistress Dita had a lot of time on her hands and she wanted to try out a few things for herself. The mistress chose to try foot fetish feet and it was a bit challenging for her and it helped her kill some time. She tried to lick her own feet and it helped her stretch herself. She had a great time but next time she wanted to try it with someone else.

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