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Rachel knows that you are a foot licking slave! And she wants to take an advantage of it. She walked the whole day and in her tight shoes and needs some rest now. And because she knows of your fetish she orders you to treat her feet well. First you can start with taking off her shoes. Do you already can smell her sweaty socks? It feels much better without the shoes but she still needs lot of more attention! She wants you to lick her soles. Start from the bottom and continue until you reach her toes. Then put every single toe into your mouth and suck them all! Now she feels relaxed again...

Crystal is a fucking hot girl! She is 18 years old and needs a lot of attention. Especially her feet need some time. So go down on your needs and start to take off her boots. Wow, do you can smell the sweat? It was a long working day for her... But don't stop now! She wants you to take off her socks too. And then you have to soak up all the sweat! After cleaning the socks this way you although have to such her toes. They are dripped in sweat too! Do you like it...? But hey, it doesn't matter because you have to do the job regardless what you like...!

Hey slave, you are a lucky one today! Maybe you are allowed to smell and lick my feet today... This is a really huge privilege! But what do you think you can offer me to do so...? You are nothing more than a loser... Hmm, let's see... You can start with licking my heels clean again! Because you can not resist and will do whatever I like you to do, you immediately start to clean them with your tongue. After that you can...

Look at this sexy girl from Russia! Her name is Adriana. And she really likes cars. At most she likes to play with the pedals. With her high heels she presses the pedals and the engine howls! After a while she wants to feel the cold metal on her bare feet - so she takes off her shoes. That feels so much better now! What do you think? Do you want her to play with your pedals next time...?

Hey there! Do you like my sexy feet? They are size 7! I know that you want to suck them. But it is really sad that you are not here now. But do you know that I'm very agile? I make you an offer. You can watch me! And I'm going to suck my toes myself! You don't believe I can do it...? Just watch the movie and I can proof it...!

You really like my feet, don't you...? I know that you do so! I can watch your dick getting hard just about thinking of my feet. What do you believe will happen if you can watch me playing with my feet - just in front of you!? You want to touch them. Put your tongue on my dirty soles. Can you smell the odor of my sweaty toes? Come on and put your cock out and stroke it. Jerk off while touching my sexy feet and...

Immediately after my work out i'm going to use you as my toe licking slave! Maybe i'm a little bit sweaty but you will find out soon... First i put on a cigarette and enjoy watching you crawling in front of me. Then you are going to lick and suck my feet! First start with your tongue moving along my soles. Don't stop until you reach my toes! Then you have to suck them and swallow whatever you find between them...! Don't hesitate! Come on, foot licking bitch!

I went shopping today and my feet are really tired! And my new boots get dirty a little bit too. So come a little bit closer and clean them again. After doing so you can please me something more and take care of my sweaty feet! The purpose of your life shall be taking care of me until there is nothing i miss. And you are going to do whatever i want you to do, don't you...!?

This blonde girl is another sexy babe who exactly knows what you do with her socks...! So she walked a long day in her hot shoes and could not wait to take them off. Do you smell the sweat on her feet? Do you like to rub your nose on her soles? She really likes your tongue licking her sole. Put your tongue between her toes too and lick away the whole sweat! Do you like it as much as she does...?

What is this...? Do you think we don't know what you are doing!? We realized days ago that some of our socks were missing! We know exactly that you are a foot fetishist! And we have video evidence to prove that. Don't try to deny! But don't worry, let's have some fun...! What do you think about these gorgeous feet? Come a little bit closer and just put out your tongue...! Can you stand this? Come on! Don't struggle anymore...!

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