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One thing I always take loving care of is my beautiful feet. After a long barefoot walk in the countryside, they're dirty, and I can't tolerate that. I lower them into a soapy bath, rubbing sweet smelling soap all over them. Then I carefully rinse them clean, and massage soft lotion all over them to make them even softer and smell divine. You worship my feet.

Hold still and pay attention to what I'm telling you, foot slave, or you'll be sorry. Get down nice and low in front of me and take a good, long look at how beautiful my feet are. I'm using a riding crop capable of inflicting great pain to direct you exactly where on my feet to kiss, lick, suck, and worship. Now open wide and lick them clean.

Marie wanted to make sure that her new slave knew his position in that household. He had started to grow horns and was getting to big for his size. She had to cut him down to size. She wanted to start small before bringing out the big guns if the situation called for that. She made him lick, smell and suck her dirty and stinky toes and that was enough.

Rosalie is as hot as they come. She knew that her neighbor had a crush on her and she was sorry for him. She wanted to give him some attention but at the same time she wanted to have fun at his expense. So she called him and after chatting and leading him on for a while, she made him lick her socks and chew them and even smell them despite them being stinky.

Mistresses Candy and Clarissa wanted to have fun. They did everything but they soon ran out of things to do. They decided to come up with things to do from the top of their heads. After trying and dismissing them several times, they settled on having losers lick their dirty and sweaty feet. They called a few they knew from school and made them lick and smell their dirty feet.

Goddess Saffron was not feeling like punishing her slave like usual. She wanted to do it in a way that would not make her tired. Usually she would trample him or do something of that sort. But today she was tired and wanted him to punish himself. So she made him lick and smell her sweaty and stinky feet. He was supposed to do the same to her high heels.

Felicia caught her husband masturbating and she wanted to punish him. She always knew that he does it and did not mind. But it was the first time he knew she knew. So she pretended to be cross with him and wanted to punish him. She made him lick her socks and her feet. She made him smell the stinky socks as well as lick the smelly and stinky feet.

Emily was mad at her boyfriend. He tried to talk to her but she gave him the silent treatment. She was not really as mad as he thought. She was more of bored. He had done something small but he thought it was big since she was not talking. When he insisted on making things right, she saw it as an opportunity to try the foot fetish she had been dying to.

Helena loves to wear flip flops and sandals. That means that her feet usually get dusty and dirty. But she does not care since she knows a human dirt remover. She has losers and slaves whose work it is to make sure that she has clean feet. She makes them lick and smell her feet and even her sandals if she wants till they are spotlessly clean. If they don't she punishes them cruelly.

When you have sweat on your feet and do not want to clean it or remove it yourself what do you do? If you are like these mistresses, you get a human sweat remover. These mistresses got a loser and made him lick their feet and lick their dirty shoes. They humiliated him and the interesting thing is that they saw it as a favor to him and he wanted to appreciate what they were doing to him.

Mistress Nora Marinelli loves to have all kinds of fun. Today, she had a craving for a foot licking. She wore her open high heels and showed off her feet. She wanted a hot guy to do it for her so she used her charm and flirted with a hot guy she saw at the mall and went home with him. She made him lick her feet after lying to him that it was her fetish and that it made her horny.

Angelica likes to wear boots. But sometimes her feet sweat while she is wearing them and she has to clean up. She hates doing that and that is why she likes to take advantage of losers. She knows they are losers and cannot score with hot girls like her so she makes them lick her feet clean and smell and lick her shoes because she is doing them a favor by giving them her attention.

Lady Sue loves playing games. Only that those games are at the expense of other guys. She likes to have fun at the expense of guys whom she flirts with and makes them think that they have a chance with him when in the real sense, she just wanted to have fun and go and leave them. This time, she made a guy lick the soles of her heels and lick her feet.

This mistress loves kinky and weird things. The weirder it is the better for her. She was surprised at how she had never known about foot fetishes up until that point. She decided to try it and she went out and got a loser since she did not have a slave. She made the guy lick her feet and even suck her toes and her heels before letting him go.

Mistress Mia discovered foot fetish and she was so into it that she had to try it that very day. She went and walked outside with her bare feet and then came back inside to humiliate her slave. He had messed up so she wanted to punish him by making him lick her dirty feet. And that is what she did. The poor guy was humiliated and degraded but could not do anything about it.

Mistress Emily does not care. If she wants to do it, she will do it. And today, she felt like wrapping her feet in plastic foil and that is what she did. She did not care what happened to thereafter. Luckily for her, she saw her slave and she called him and made him lick her sweaty and stinky feet. She unwrapped her feet and made him lick them clean.

How would you like to suck Lady Fine's toes? She is putting them on display for you so you can stick them in your mouth. She stands there in sexy black pants and puts her pink high heels in your face. She knows you want to sniff her sweaty bare feet so she takes her high heels off. She wiggles her sweaty toes right in your face. Lick the sweat off her feet.

Annabelle looks so soft as she sits there wiggling her pretty feet inside her high heels. She holds her foot up to the camera as she crosses her legs. She lets the high heels fall to the floor so you can worship her pretty bare feet. She sticks out the soles of her feet to feel your tongue on them. Annabelle loves to get her feet licked and worshipped by a slave.

Monica gives you a unique POV of her gorgeous feet. She is extremely cute as she looks at you admiring her feet. She puts her feet right in your face and you see her socks are dirty. You must lick all the dirt and sweat off her socks. When she takes her socks off, you must lick all the sweat off her bare feet and suck her sexy toes.

Listen close you pig loser. Princess Jenny is going to show you how to by her nylon slave. She instructs you on how to worship her feet properly when she is in nylons. She walks around in her high heels then takes them off so you can see her supple feet through her stockings. She shoes you where you should lick them so you can worship them properly. That's the only way you can be her footboy.